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Other Training Courses

WA Training Institute is able deliver other training courses including those listed below.  If there is something you need that isn’t on the list just ask us as we are able to design and develop customised training especially for your organisation.

  • Job Application Skills (half and full day)
  • Job Interview Skills (half and full day)
  • Job Application and Interview Skills (full day)
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills (half and full day)
  • Negotiation Skills (half and full day)
  • Time Management (half and full day)
  • Presentation Skills (half, full and two days)
  • Facilitation Skills (half and full day)
  • Customer Service (half and full days)
  • Stakeholder Engagement (two days)
  • Coping with Change (half and full day)
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment (half and full day)
  • Multi-Cultural Awareness (half and full day)
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations (half and full day)
  • Minute Taking (half and full day)
  • Stress Management (half and full day)
  • Project Management (full day and two days)
  • Managing People (full day)
  • Leading and Managing Teams (full day)
  • Coaching Skills (half and full day)
  • Managing Employee Performance and Performance Appraisal (full day)
  • Emotional Intelligence (full day)

For further information please contact Craig Douglas on 0499611906 or email