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Multicultural Awareness

If our aim is to live in harmony being multi culturally aware is essential. The reality is regardless of where we live there is no escaping cultural diversity and embracing and understanding others could be the difference between living and working in a better world.

Our one day workshop addresses multicultural awareness in an informative, interactive and thought-provoking way. Content includes:

  • Explanation of cultural diversity in the workforce and the business case for;
  • Ways to manage and respect cultural diversity;
  • Identifying and considering the actual and potential impacts and benefits of cultural diversity for own workplace;
  • Explanation of culture and cross-cultural interactions;
  • Demonstration of cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication skills;
  • Conducting a diversity analysis of their business strategies and operations;
  • Developing an action plan for managing cultural diversity in their workplace; and
  • Identifying available resources and support services.


$450 + GST per person

Minimum class sizes may apply.