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Workplace Supervision of Apprentices

WA Training Institute has joined resources with Richelle Russ Consultancy and developed a highly sought after one day training program which targets small – large organisations who employ apprentices and trainees.   

We know only too well the difficulties faced by employers, and in particular direct line Supervisors of Apprentices and Trainees…not only are they expected to perform at high levels in their own role, but to mentor, supervise and support their apprentices and trainees in the workplace – often without the experience of formal training!

Our one day program will provide supervisors with a snapshot of the sector, explore the difficulties experienced by supervisors in negotiating the red-tape, and more importantly provide supervisors with a range of skills and knowledge that will prove to be invaluable in their workplace as a supervisor.

For more information about this new one day program please contact us today.  We will happily provide training in your workplace where you have a number of supervisors you wish to participate…just give us a call to discuss your requirements!